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Kansas football finally dons pads in camp

Yeah runnin' down a dream 

Kansas v Baylor Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Kansas volleyball head coach Ray Bechard was observing the football team practice on Friday morning, and David Beaty invited him to say a few words to the team.

It’s finally time to put on the pads and do some hitting in camp.

KU coaches are trying to get Mike Lee to use better technique to avoid missed tackles this season.

David Beaty has a comment on a dozen or so players, but what stood out to me was that maybe we’ll have a reliable kicker this year (fingers crossed).

These ladies are making careers in college football recruiting. Meet some from the ACC and SEC courtesy of SB Nation.

Ray Lewis blew off his only scholarship offer, but Miami came through just in time.

If you like Podcasts, SB Nation has posted one talking all about Big 12 football.

Darrell Stuckey has been cut by the San Diego Chargers due to a failed physical.

A “28-3” billboard just outside of the Falcon’s new stadium? It could happen.

This is why KU won’t play WSU.