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The Rock Chalk Talk Tailgating Guide

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Fall is in the air and of course fall means football. What's more is football means tailgating. We here at Rock Chalk Talk want you to have the best possible experience while pre-gaming so we have created this ultimate tailgating guide to assist you.

The Rubs

It's a beautiful fall day. You pull up to your spot in the parking lot. The coals in your grill are nice and hot. You have a fully stocked cooler with assorted beers. Are you ready to start cooking? Not if you don't have the right rubs you're not. You want to wow the people eating your food so you are using Miley Q Rubs and Spices. Greg Miley was kind enough to send me some of his seasonings. I cooked a slab of spare ribs using his blackened seasoning and let me tell you, they were fantastic. The blackened seasoning gave the ribs a great flavor that I had been looking for in a rib rub. It's a bold spicy flavor that lets you know the heat is there but it doesn't overwhelm. If you have this at your tailgate, it's guaranteed to be the star of the show. Make sure you also check out his all purpose seasoning, the southwestern seasoning and the beef rub.

The Probe

You've just finished cooking some delicious chicken and you serve it to your fellow Jayhawk fans. They excitedly bite in, but to your great horror, they all spit it out and swear at you for serving undercooked chicken. You never recover from this great embarrassment. The rest of your days are spent sleeping on a park bench while ranting to anyone within earshot that the chicken looked done. Avoid this embarrassing scenario with Thermapro temperature probes. I tested the TP03A instant read thermometer and the TP20 wireless thermometer. I was initially skeptical of a wireless thermometer but was determined to give it a thorough test.

The level of junk in our house was such that it was time for a garage sale. Sensing a great opportunity to test a new product and make shredded beef sandwiches, I threw a chuck roast on the smoker with a probe in it and brought the receiver with me as I manned the cash table. I was able to accurately track the temperature the entire time it was cooking. It also gives you the ability to set the meat and desired doneness. When your meat reaches the desired temperature, it will beep letting you know to take it off the cooker.

The instant read thermometer might be my favorite one I've used. It quickly and clearly displays the temperature even in direct sunlight. For a limited time, you can save 10% on all Thermapro products by using the offer code ROCKCHALKTALK at checkout.

The Beverage

You have your meat on the grill and are sipping an ice cold beer when the person in the spot next to you asks to help them light their grill. Being the upstanding member of society you are, you happily oblige. Upon returning to your chair you take a drink of your beer only to realize the once cold beer is now room temperature and flat. How can you avoid this terrible scenario?

Enter the Colster by Yeti. We all know Yeti as the best cooler money can buy but you may only know the Colster as a $25 beer coozie. Is a beer coozie really worth $25? I had those same questions so I put it to the test. The Colster’s tagline is your last drink will be as cold as your first. Knowing that I have the trust of the greatest internet community in my hands I didn't want to take it lightly. So I put a beer in the Colster and gave it a shot. It feels good in your hand but is your last drink as cold as the first? I forgot I was testing it and finished the beer without noticing. As a man of principle I repeated the experiment. This time I took the temperature of my first drink. It registered at 48.7 degrees. The last drink registered at 50.9. Not quite as cold as the first but it definitely felt as cold as the first when I drank it.

Not content with the results, I ran a control study drinking a beer without the Colster. I had the same first drink temp of 48.7 and I tried to drink it over the same time period as I did the first beer. The last drink was 56.8. I would have done a third study with a regular coozie but I didn't have one on hand. It will be up to you if a 5.9 degree difference in your beer temperature is worth $25.

Get your tailgate must haves today and you too can have the ultimate tailgating experience.