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Podcast: Recapping Italy and the Lawson Twins

I’m joined by David and Grad as we talk about the basketball news during the break.

Stanford v Kansas Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The break wasn’t quite as long as I originally thought, thanks to an impromptu “season” to coincide with our lookback coverage of the 2007 season, but we decided it was time to get back in and talk about what we missed.

We've decided to keep our format from our "bonus" season, where we strive for shorter episodes so that we can give you something new multiple times in the week.

Today's Topics include:

- Malik Newman and Udoka Azubuike in Italy.

- Charlie Moore: The first true pass-first PG since Aaron Miles?

- The Lawson Twins' Issues: Next step in the pattern or no big deal?

- Are we worried about Billy Preston's performance in Italy?