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It’s game week for Kansas football

You got to learn to sing like Waylon

NCAA Football: Texas at Kansas Gary Rohman-USA TODAY Sports

Bobby Nightengale at the LJW reports on Dorance Armstrong’s reputation around the league, but what caught my eye was Dorance talking about himself: “My goal overall is to just to always beat the man in front of me every down.”

Clint Bowen reflects on the recruitment of Dorance Armstrong, who is already projected as a first round NFL draft pick by CBSSports’ Matt Miller.

Here are your team captains for the 2017 football team.

Mike Lee wants to be more than just a big hitter on the defense.

The starting kicker and punter jobs are still wide open, while Kenny Perry has settled on his starting corners but is still looking for depth.

Mark Mangino talks to CBSSports about his return to Kansas:

Mangino, for the record, has never changed his stance. He doesn't believe he did anything wrong and there are players and coaches who back him wholeheartedly to this day.


"Nobody on the face of the Earth is in charge of my happiness except me."

SI writes that Billy Preston could be an impact player for another loaded Kansas team.

Kansas volleyball made it through the opening weekend unbeaten, and is 3-0 on the young season.

Kansas soccer went to Corvallis, OR and knocked off Oregon State 2-0.

It looks like Mitchell Robinson will return to Western Kentucky for his freshman season.

This year’s Great Alaska Shootout will be the final edition of the 40+ year old event.

Colorado State ran a misdirection play against Oregon State that fooled everyone, including the cameras.

UMass tried a Hail Mary (wait for it) screen pass. #Fail

LSU and BYU were supposed to play a football game in Houston next weekend; that is likely to be relocated.

Meanwhile, the Rice football team still hasn’t returned to Houston from its opener in Australia, and the University of Houston has been practicing in Austin.

Giancarlo Stanton has 50 home runs and its still August. And didn’t his miss time with an injury a while back?

Going back to a discussion on RCT a few weeks ago, here is a video discussing the “truth” about modern country music. If you want to be a real country star, this is how you need to do it.

Are you psyched for Psych the movie?