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Jayhawks may not name staring QB until opener

There’s nothing I can do; Total eclipse of the heart

Annular Solar Eclipse Observed Photo by JAXA/NASA/Hinode via Getty Images

Kansas basketball is back on campus and preparing for the 2017-18 season.

Bill Self still needs to write his Hall of Fame induction speech.

Jayhawk Slant breaks down the offensive line competition with Zach Yenser.

Liam Jones and Gabe Rui are locked in a battle for the place-kicking duties.

The Jayhawks may not name a starting quarterback before the opener on Sept 2.

I’m not sure if this has been linked here yet, but the KC Star reports that Mark Mangino didn’t need or necessarily want reconciliation with KU, but gets it anyway.

Women’s soccer coach Mark Francis picks up career win #200.

SBNation ranks all 130 college football teams.

I haven’t read it yet, but this article from SBN tells you how the nickel defense became the base defense in college football.

Here’s a (very long) story about how Ed Orgeron got the LSU job.

CBSSports ranks college basketball’s top five players at each position. There are zero KU players on the list.

Apparently MLB umpires were protesting player behavior by wearing wristbands? I totally missed this.


Make sure your glasses are approved by NASA and the American Astronomical Society!

If you cannot find a manufacturer on the glasses, then you know they are fake!

Today’s eclipse will look different than the picture above. The pic above is an annular eclipse, where the moon is near apogee in its orbit and cannot completely block out the sun. During today’s eclipse, you’ll be able to take off your glasses and see the sun’s corona.

For lots of fun eclipse facts, check out