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Kansas Football fall camp is underway

It’s tearing me apart

Texas v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Kansas fall football fall camp is officially underway!

David Beaty hopes the teambuilding that began with the coaching staff will filter down through the players as they continue to develop the program.

Outside of Mike Lee, KU will have a bunch of new starters in the secondary, and some of the Juco transfers are impressing early in fall camp.

The biggest storyline in camp is, of course, the quarterback competition.

David Beaty held his first press conference, and obviously he was asked about Quiv Gonzalez. Beaty didn’t have much to offer on the subject:

“We have standards that we expect our players to follow, and if they fail to do that at some point there will be (punishment), including and up to removal and dismissal from our program,” Beaty told reporters following a morning practice, speaking on the matter for the first time. “It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It just means you can’t play here. And we all have standards that we’re going to uphold and we have to meet those — we’ve got to meet them as a team. And we’ve got to be able to do that consistently.”

Apparently, the rumors swirling around the internet about Charles Baldwin are at least somewhat accurate, as Beaty also had this to say:

“And Charles (Baldwin) is another guy that is really having to toe the line when it comes to standards,” Beaty added. “He’s come a long way. We hope that he will continue to do that, because we think that he’s talented enough to help us.”

Beaty goes on to comment that, “just because you went to Alabama doesn’t mean you’re great.” So, some interesting stuff there.

Did you guys know that the KU basketball team is in Italy? I’m kidding, of course you did. But did you know that it’s a long flight and they’re tired? Well, now you know that too! Anyway, they play their first game today at 11:30 AM Jayhawk time.

Here is a schedule and how you can watch the games (it will cost you money). But, you can listen to the radio for free! Not every KU affiliate will carry the games, but here is a list of the ones that are.

Finally found a write-up on Billy Preston, officially cleared to play NCAA basketball this fall.

Everyone have a nice laugh at K-State before you get your day started.