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Podcast: Memorial Stadium Renovations and State of the Volleyball Program

Mike and I kick off the season finale by discussing the football and volleyball programs.

NCAA Football: South Dakota State at Kansas John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a great first season of the podcast, but as with most things, even us podcasters need a break. To send us off with a bang, we gathered up everyone available and recorded. And recorded. And recorded some more. Today is the first of 3 episodes.

Topics Include:

00:20 Intro

01:20 Announcement of $300 renovations for Memorial Stadium - What can we expect?

07:10 What does this announcement mean for the program?

09:55 National reaction to the upgrade announcement.

12:17 What's the best way for a rebuilding program to spend large amounts of money?

16:41 Break

17:04 Volleyball season recap/preview

19:39 Schedule review - spoiler: it's a bit underwhelming

23:20 Kansas might just be getting to the point where they can put together a top-flight schedule.

31:45 Wrap-up