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Kansas Basketball heads to Italy

Don't tell me it's not worth tryin' for

NCAA Football - Iowa State vs Kansas - November 26, 2005 Photo by G. N. Lowrance/Getty Images

So the big news is WR Laquvionte Gonzalez being kicked off the football team, but you already saw that on the front page. Right? Right.

Anyway, Matt Tait tweets that he’s not surprised due to personal experiences and what he’s heard about Gonzalez in the past.

In other suspension news, the KU basketball squad is leaving for Italy today, but Memphis transfer Dedric Lawson won’t be making the trip. Self was careful to point out that he is still on the team and still enrolled in school; he just won’t be going to Italy with the team.

My fault for not keeping tabs on Jayhawk Slant, as Jon Kirby has been doing good work before fall camp. Let’s hit it.

Going up against Dorance Armstrong in practice every day makes Hakeem Adeniji better - and vice versa.

Beaty says the offense will be an extension of OC Doug Meacham’s personality. The key quote, here, I think, is this:

“My schedule will change a little bit because I’m not going to hover over him. I don’t have to.”

Reporters could not get Beaty to comment on the prospect of starting 3-0.

“We don’t even know who we play after that (SEMO),” he said. “And I’m not joking. I know who is on the schedule I just don’t know when we play them. We are focused on the first one. The only way we will have a chance to go 3-0 is to go 1-0.”

Players are definitely picking up what David Beaty is laying down. Says LB Joe Dineen:

“This is the best team I have been around in terms of motivation.”

Close to 300 prospects attended David Beaty’s “Friday Night Lights” camp, which was mentioned in our interview with former Kansas RB Jake Sharp last week.

In “Why is this news?”, Zenger listened to presentations from both 810 WHB and 610 KCSP before making the decision to switch.

Rock Chalk Park was a huge hit for the USATF National Junior Olympics.

The Royals picked up Melky Cabrera over the weekend from the White Sox. Will they be taking Alex Gordon’s bat out of the lineup?