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Remembering the 2007 Football Season

It’s been 10 years since the beginning of the last season that Kansas football was relevant. We take a look back.

NCAA Football: Kansas at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The 2007 football season was the arguably the greatest in Kansas history, when the team went 12-1 and won the Orange Bowl. 10 years later, the football program is again hoping to make an unlikely run to relevance in the college football landscape. Before we turn toward the upcoming season, we take a look back at the season where most of our football dreams came true. The entire SB Nation network is looking back at that season, and we are buying in fully, with lots of content coming to you over the next few days to commemorate that wild season.

Here is a preview of what we have coming for you the rest of this week:

Interviews from players and others surrounding the program:

RCT Exclusive Interview: Jake Sharp

Looks back at important games:


Stories and impressions from our writing staff:

Roundtable part 1: Preseason Expectations

Roundtable part 2: Moment the season turned special

Roundtable part 3: Favorite experience

Roundtable part 4: Defining Moment

Roundtable part 5: X-Factors

Podcast: Preseason and Non-Conference

Podcast: Start of Conference Play

Podcast: Nebraska and Oklahoma State

Podcast: Bill Callahan and Missouri

Podcast: Health, Luck, and BCS Drama

Podcast: Kansas vs VA Tech in the Orange Bowl


College Football Playoff Selection Show

SB Nation coverage:

Season overview

Kansas / Missouri

Curse of the No. 2

The silly No. 2 club

Those last 3 are just the obvious Kansas - related ones. The rest of the feature is definitely worth a look.

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