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Jack Whitman Leaving Kansas

NCAA Basketball: William & Mary at Duke Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

NOOOOOO. Jack Whitman's mustache, we hardly knew ye. The grad transfer is leaving school, reports ESPN's Jeff Goodman. Whitman, of course, never played a game as a Jayhawk.

This could be a ton of things. Kansas could be picking up top recruit Marvin Bagley, who is reportedly attempting to reclassify into 2017 (although I doubt it). They could be getting another graduate transfer, or Whitman could have decided to go to another program (there could be disciplinary problems as well of course, but I haven't heard anything of the sort and think it is fairly irresponsible to speculate that way).

In any event, Kansas is now down to just 3 big men and they either need to find another one quickly or get used to playing 4 guards again this year - which may not be a bad thing.