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RCT Podcast: Is Kansas a guaranteed #1 seed?

I talk with Fetch and Grad about next year’s outlook, Jack Whitman’s facial hair, and Grad personally delivers a shot from the Hot Taek Hyperbole Cannon.

NCAA Basketball: CAA Conference Tournament - Hofstra vs William & Mary Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

It was delayed about a week, but the final part of the podcast season finale has finally been edited and released to the public. In this episode, I finally got Grad on to personally deliver one of his hot takes, and Fetch finally completes the Big 3 of his goals by talking cricket.

Topics include:

00:24 Intro

01:00 How "guaranteed" is a 1 seed for the Jayhawks next season?

07:36 Advanced stats are making their debut as an official datapoint for the committee.

08:42 The NCAA loves their storylines in the basketball tournament.

12:16 Jack Whitman has an amazing facial hair game. Does any former Jayhawk compare?

19:12 Break

19:40 Grad personally mans the Hot Taek Hyperbole Cannon, complains about Brady Morningstar

27:00 Did Bill Self's tendency to play seniors over potentially more-talented underclassmen cost us a title in 2011?

32:07 The value of consistency and senior leadership.

38:45 Kansas' conference isn't as kind to letting underclassmen play through problems.

43:47 Fetch talks cricket.

45:34 Wrap-up

During the (very short) offseason, I’m going to be looking into a more permanent hosting solution, one where we can keep the entire catalog of episodes available. I’m also going to look at making the podcast available through iTunes, Stitcher, etc.

We’ll be back in August looking to preview the opening of the football season, and we’ll keep bringing you some blazing hot takes.