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The one thing Kansas and Missouri fans can agree on

You might think I’m delirious

Michigan State v Kansas Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The biggest news from the last 24 hours is a change to the seating in Allen Fieldhouse. In exchange for a $20 reduction on the student combo package, the KU student government has given control of section 19 in AFH to Kansas Athletics. This means 420 more seats will be filled by donors. According to associate AD Jim Marchiony commented that KU students hadn’t been filling out their 4,000 allotment in recent years anyway.

Frank Mason is really an incredible dude. He was at a scheduled autograph signing in Overland Park on Friday afternoon, and, well, check out this excerpt from Matt Tait:

As soon as 3 p.m. arrived, those in charge of the signing cut the line and told those behind the mark that there would be no more autographs or pictures past that point because Mason had to head out. Hearing that, the reigning college player of the year, turned in his chair and told one of the event organizers that he had time to meet with everybody.

Matt Galloway at the Topeka Capitol Journal wonders if Lagerald Vick will make a huge jump from his sophomore to junior season.

The Kansas defensive line is eager to live up to the hype they’re getting from preseason publications.

Douglass County Special Olympics joined the Kansas women’s basketball team for practice last week.

Tom Keegan caught up with former women’s basketball player Angel Goodrich, in town to help with a camp at Haskell. Goodrich helped lead the Jayhawks to two miracle Sweet 16 runs during her time in Lawrence. The article is mostly quotes, so I feel OK linking to it.

Noted MU bias Bill Connelly asks, “How patient are Nebraska fans?” C’mon Bill. We all know the answer to that. If there’s one thing Kansas and Missouri fans can agree on, it’s that Nebraska fans are all still living in the ‘90s and expect to compete for the national championship every year, even though they haven’t been nationally relevant since 2001.

Why are five-star basketball players still signing with LSU? I don’t get it.

So, NBA free agency has started. Ron Baker, small town sports hero, NBA player, and Twitter-bomb extraordinaire?

Blake Griffin and his 40 games played per year (my estimate) will be back with the Clippers.

Steph Curry signed a supermax deal with the Warriors, reportedly the richest deal in league history.

The Pacers sent Paul George to the Thunder hours before free agency even started.

Two teams you haven’t heard mentinoned yet? The Cavs and Celtics, who lost out on Paul George. CBSSports has a list of early winners and losers so far in NBA free agency.