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RCT Podcast: Kansas Basketball Schedule, Miles Emery and the Hot Taek Hyperbole Cannon

I’m joined by Steve, Mike and David to discuss the basketball schedule, football recruiting and to debut Grad’s contribution to the podcast.

This week's episode of the RCT Podcast features a full panel, with 4 co-hosts/guests/whatever you want to call us.

With plenty of news dropping this week, we had lots to discuss.

Today’s Topics include:

00:40 Non-conference schedule released. Are you buying into the criticisms?

07:10 Comparing our non-conference to other top teams

09:30 Signing of Miles Emery

13:30 What areas of this football team need to be a focus of recruiting?

17:45 Fetch gets to talk about the Canadian Football League

20:10 Debut of our new recurring segment: Grad's Hot Taek Hyperbole Cannon. This week - Kansas Football should cheat as much as possible.

26:40 The joke that is NCAA Enforcement.

35:20 Wrap-up