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Missouri blames Bill Self for ending the Border War

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If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman

Purdue v Kansas Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

So the big story of the day comes out of Columbia, MO, where some former Missouri chancellor says Bill Self has a big ego and is the primary reason the two schools don’t play. When reached for comment, Bill Self was both on-point and hilarious.

You’d think that with all the good things going on in Colum... bwahahahahahaha FOTFLOL ... - hey, I almost made it through that sentence without laughing - that Missouri would have other things to talk about than why their ex won’t go out with them anymore.

Noted MU bias Bill Connelly, college football writer for SB Nation, had a comment about former chancellor Bowen’s ego, which gave me hope for some sliver of self-awareness from him and possibly other Missouri fans. Alas, it wasn’t to be. It’s all KU’s fault, guys.

Sounds like someone has been listening to a little too much Carrington Harrison.

In case you were wondering, here’s the original piece published over at

David Beaty expects to have 76 players on scholarship this fall.

Starting on Saturday, it will be legal to conceal carry on college campuses across the state of Kansas (as long as you’re 21 or older). CBSSports’ Dennis Dodd got ahold of David Beaty, who has been preparing his players for this over the past several months.

Guys, does your SO want to learn more about football? Football 101 with David Beaty might be just what she needs!

The only rowing coach KU has ever had is retiring after 22 years.

John Calipari is already the GM and coach of his own professional team, but that hasn’t stopped him from looking at others. Allegedly.

The US Gold Cup is off to a crazy start, in Cincinnati and across the country.

A Texas basketball recruit’s brother is making some claims on Facebook about illegal benefits.

Enjoy your Friday, y’all.