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RCT Podcast: Talking NBA Draft and Jayhawks in the league.

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David and I spend some time recapping the NBA Draft and looking forward to what we can expect to see next year with Jayhawks in the league.

NBA: Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

This episode was almost an entire week in the making. At first it was supposed to be an NBA Draft preview, but scheduling conflicts quickly derailed that plan. Then we had planned on recording right after Frank Mason III got picked in the second round (sorry Landen Lucas, we didn’t think you were going to be selected), but as the first round dragged on, it became apparent that was going to happen too late to record the entire episode. So instead, this is not a full draft recap, including discussion of Lucas and his acceptance of the invitation to play in the summer league with the Boston Celtics.

As noted in today’s episode, the first “season” of the rebooted RCT Podcast is coming to a close. July brings a lot of changes for many of us here at the site, and it’s a good month to take a break and recharge for the upcoming football season. I fully expect that we will pick up quickly in August and dive headfirst into football. Next week will be the final recording period of the season, which could potentially produce anywhere from 1-3 episodes. If you have any suggestions for topics, now would be a good time to get them in. The more suggestions we have, the less time you have to go without an episode in July.

And now for today’s episode:

Topics in this episode include:

00:30 Intro

00:50 Josh Jackson selected 4th by the Phoenix Suns

08:07 Draft Night Optimism

10:52 Frank Mason selected 34th by the Sacramento Kings

19:53 Landen Lucas will play for Boston in the NBA Summer League

25:50 Is this a "Golden Age" for Jayhawks in the NBA (h/t 2.1 seconds left)

44:37 HTHC: If Kansas could land Brad Stevens to coach the team, they should fire Bill Self and get him.

57:20 Wrap-up