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Kansas Basketball players Jackson, Mason selected in 2017 NBA Draft

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There's a whole lot of rhythm going round

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Kansas Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Jackson is off to Phoenix (barring a trade) after being taken #4 overall in last night’s NBA Draft.

Later on, the Sacramento Kings took Frank Mason #34 overall. Bill Self thinks Mason will bring a positive change to the culture in Sacramento.

Mason has been nominated for an ESPY, the Best Male College Athlete. The 25th ESPY’s (Mr. Ed says: Really, there’s been 25 of these?) will be hosted by Peyton Manning and air on ESPN on July 12.

Sara Shepherd at the LJW reports that per associate AD Jim Marchiony, donations will be used to pay for the $300 million Kansas football project. Marchiony wouldn’t comment on how much has been raised as of yet. Also, it appears work to the actual stadium won’t begin until 2023.

Some dude in Michigan says KU’s football project is a “head-scratching investment.” As expected the comments are a train wreck.

Former Kansas football player and movie star Keith Loneker passed away yesterday, succumbing to cancer. His son is currently a linebacker at KU. Just another reminder that cancer sucks.

The general consensus is that the Minnesota Timberwolves owned the Chicago Bulls in draft night trades. With Jimmy Butler now in Minnesota, is the pressure on Andrew Wiggins?

The Chiefs parted ways with GM John Dorsey. Nobody knows exactly why, but the rumors are really swirling.

In fun news, a news station in Arizona baked a pizza on the pavement during the latest heat wave that apparently burns your hand when you try to get into your car. Glad I’m not moving there.

Oh, and just one more thing, sir.

Happy Friday!