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Kansas Football to unveil Memorial Stadium renovation plans in September 2017

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Our house it has a crowd

NCAA Football: South Dakota State at Kansas John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Last night at a fan event, Athletic Director Sheahon Zenger was quoted as saying:

I’m going to say this quick and then be done with it. In three weeks, we will have the renderings for a new stadium. The numbers will approach around $300 million dollars.

I doubt he actually means a NEW stadium; it seems more likely extensive renovations to Memorial is on the docket. That dollar figure includes an indoor practice facility where the players can practice.

KU Football added a three-star offensive lineman out of St. Louis late Monday night. 6’8” 260 lb Nick Williams verbally committed to KU over Illinois, Minnesota, and a host of smaller schools. Contrary to what the article says, I do not see where K-State and Purdue have offered Williams.

In that same article, Bobby Nightengale reports that 3-star safety Aaron Brule, one of the Louisiana recruits, has backed off his verbal commitment to KU. Brule says KU is still #1 on his list but that he is re-opening his recruiting so he can “see what other schools have to offer.”

Yours truly joined in on the weekly podcast at Heartland College Sports. It was all football talk.

New strength coach Zac Woodfin appears to be a perfect fit with David Beaty. (Did I really just write that? My god, these offseason articles, criminy.)

Friend of the site Jesse Newell writes that tonight’s NBA Draft is important for the future of Kansas basketball recruiting.

CBSSports asks: Buy or Sell Josh Jackson as a can’t-miss NBA prospect? Stay tuned later today for a report from our own very talented (David).

Any NHL fans out there? Here are the results of the expansion draft for the Las Vegas franchise from last night.

So, the Red Sox somehow managed to walk three Royals hitters in a row, then serve up a grand slam to Salvador Perez who was using a bat from Miguel Cabrera that had originally been given to Drew Butera. You can’t make this stuff up. If it was a movie, like, I don’t know, Independence Day, people would say it was too far-fetched to be believable.

A Michigan fan went on vacation. He asked his Ohio State fan neighbor to mow his yard while he was gone. He obliged, but added a little script Ohio for fun. This is why nobody understands the Kansas-Missouri rivalry. If my neighbor was a Missouri fan, there’s no way I would mow his yard.

What’s it like being The Rock? I can’t even imagine.