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RCT Podcast: Jesse Newell, Kansas basketball in the Elite Eight, 1-and-done changes

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Andy and Steve are joined by Jesse Newell to talk Kansas in the Elite Eight, 1-and-done hypotheticals and more.

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Kansas v North Carolina

When I first started the podcast back up, I had a couple goals that I wanted to reach. First, I wanted to make sure that we recorded at least twice a month in the offseason, and we have been fortunate enough to find enough to talk about to make that happen so far. There is a full schedule of topics to discuss for the rest of the month as well, so make sure that you don’t miss any of the upcoming shows.

Second, I wanted to get to the point that we could bring on some exciting guests. I was looking for some people that our readers would be just as thrilled to hear from as I would be to talk to. We already had one opportunity with Carrington Harrison a couple of weeks ago (and he basically asked to be on the show before I could ask him). Today we get another chance for another awesome guest as we are joined by Jesse Newell, KU beat writer for the Kansas City Star.

Today’s topics include:

01:00 Kansas/Bill Self underperforming in the tournament. (h/t Marty_ and his fanpost on the subject)

07:00 Kansas has a history of being overseeded.

08:55 Jesse talks about how Kansas "works the system" to prop up their RPI

09:55 Self's teams play tight under pressure in the Elite Eight

11:07 Which is the better indicator of a good team, regular season or postseason success?

13:15 Basketball is a hard sport to have a dominant team.

17:00 What would College Basketball look like if switched to the MLB draft model? (h/t Warden11)

20:50 Fetch talks College Hockey again.

25:57 Implications of switching to the MLB model

29:44 Thoughts on the 1-and-done potential changes

31:19 The HTHC. I won't ruin the hot taek surprise, but it's worth listening to the full discussion.

44:15 Jesse talks about covering KU for three different newspapers (h/t jayhawk1996)

47:27 Jesse talks about how he got started in advanced stats.

50:18 #DunkGate (h/t fizzle406)

54:20 Hot Dogs

55:05 Wrapup

I’d like to continue to work to bring on new guests in the near future, as well as have our previous guests back. If you have any suggestions of someone that I should try to ask to have on the show, let me know in the comments below. Please include anything specific topics you might want them to discuss as well.