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Kansas football recruit Devonta Jason plans to surprise doubters

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Yeah, well, at least your name isn't Michael Bolton.

Louisiana Tech v Kansas Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Kansas golfers Andy Spencer (So) and Chase Hanna (Sr) finished 1-2 at the 2017 Watson Challenge in Overland Park this past weekend. In a tournement where I believe I heard only five golfers shot under par, Spencer shot 12-under. He did a spot on Keitzman’s radio program (click for link to podcast) yesterday.

Speaking of podcasts, Brian McRae was on the Border Patrol yesterday and talked about being a football recruit in the mid-1980s. He says Kansas offered him the most money, with Missouri a close second, but when the Royals drafted him in the first round, he thought he had a better shot at making MLB than the NFL. Probably a good call on his part, but, it made me wonder - if KU was cheating in the 1980s, why were we SO BAD? 1986-88 were three of the worst teams we’ve ever seen!

Benton Smith reports that Kansas football five-star commit Devonta Jason says people don’t really believe that he’ll go to Kansas, but that’s just fine with him. “I’m just going to be me.” Jason intends to graduate this fall and enroll in college for the spring semester.

Incoming Cal basketball transfer Charlie Moore has a tryout for the USA Basketball Men’s U19 World Cup Team coming up. The team is coached by Kentucky coach John Calipari, and assisted by Tad Boyl and Danny Manning. All those names should sound pretty familiar to Jayhawk fans. Meanwhile, Matt Galloway at the TCJ says that Moore came to KU because of the coaches, and not necessarily because of fellow Chicago native Sherron Collins. However, the conversation with Sherron did help him feel confident in his decision.

ICYMI, the Warriors didn’t blow a 3-1 lead this year.

Did you see Samuel L. Jackson I mean Mace Windu’s tweet during the game?

The College World Series bracket is set. Only one Big 12 team made it this year (TCU).

Apparently Jeremy Maclin has caught on in Baltimore. Are the Chefs just trying for a higher draft pick next year or what? If they’re going to enter the Lamar Jackson sweepstakes, they need to go all-in!

I didn’t know until this morning that the University of Colorado football team was having domestic violence issues. It was with a coach and not a player, and the chancellor, AD, and head coach Mike MacIntrye are all being suspended and asked to make huge donations to charity.

Any more ties in soccer you guys wanna discuss today? I’m game. I mean, three of Sporting KC’s last five games were nil-nil draws. I can’t imagine anything more exciting. Their last game was 1-1, so basic math tells us that was infinitely more thrilling! Haha OK I’m done. For now...