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Perry Ellis still working for NBA deal

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It's a problem of motivation, all right?

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Transfer Sam Cunliffe finally comfortable at Kansas |

Although his mid-year relocation from Pac-12 country to the Big 12 means he won’t make his Jayhawks debut until the 10th game of the upcoming season, Cunliffe at least finally feels more like a key part of Bill Self’s team.

Former Jayhawk Perry Ellis looking to score more as his NBA workouts continue | The Kansas City Star

“I started figuring it out to where you’ve just got to shoot the ball. You’ve got to attack, shoot the ball and not worry about anything,” said Ellis. “I learned in the league it’s better to go 2 for 10 than 1 for 3. You’ve got to at least try. I started really focusing on trying to do my best, trying to make shots.”


Ex-Tennessee QB says he developed a 'genuine dislike' for his alma mater -

Speaking with the Chattanooga Times Free Press at a football camp, Crompton recalled the vicious treatment he and his family received while he was playing for the team. In short, it's left him with a "bad taste" that has been tough to shake -- try as he might.


Penguins claim second straight Cup with late goal vs. Preds -

Pittsburgh downed Nashville in Game 6 in front of its home crowd and became the first back-to-back title winners since the Detroit Red Wings in 1997 and 1998.

USA-Mexico: Bradley magic, quiet Pulisic, more World Cup qualifying takeaways -

Here's everything you need to know from the 1-1 draw at Azteca.

(Mr. Ed says: Yay! Another tie!)

Aaron Judge hit a 495-FOOT HOME RUN -

The freakish home run went a distance of 495 feet — the longest dinger thus far in 2017. This ties Kris Bryant for the second-longest home run in the Statcast era, behind a 504-foot home run by Giancarlo Stanton.