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Mario Chalmers fully recovered from Achilles injury

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Ahh, I'm also gonna need you to go ahead and come in on Sunday, too...

Kansas v Memphis Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The NCAA Track & Field Outdoor have concluded. The Kansas Women’s team finished in 18th place overall, marking the first time in school history that both men’s and women’s teams finished in the Top-20 at the Championships.

One of the few remaining writers at ESPN, Mitch Sherman expects Kansas Football to win more than two games in 2017, but can’t say where those wins will come from. Seems like kind of a dumb column to write if you ask me.

2018 Kansas football recruit Anthony Williams appears to be a pretty solid commit. He is a great all around athlete, competing at a high level in various track & field events as well as football, and does it all with no toes on his right foot.

After participating in Bill Self’s summer camp last week, Mario Chalmers appears to be fully recovered from the torn Achilles tendon he suffered over a year ago. Chalmers almost found himself playing in the NBA Finals this year - he had a workout with Cleveland in February - but the Cavs went with Deron Williams instead.

NBA Commish Adam Silver apparently thinks that telling NBA teams how and when to rest starters is going to be good for his career.

This is a few days old by now, but still hilarious. One “lucky” Braves fan got a head start to race “The Freeze.” He thought he was gonna win!