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RCT Podcast: Talking Kansas-Missouri Rivalry, Big 12/SEC challenge with Carrington Harrison

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CDot joins Mike and me to discuss Bill Self's Jedi mind trick.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Midwest Regional-Kansas vs Oregon Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The podcast reboot has made it to double digits without folding, despite the end of all competitive action to discuss. To celebrate, we secured the appearance of our first non-RCT guest on our show: Carrington Harrison. He appeared in order to defend his accusations against Bill Self that he made over the air last week and to generally talk about the dormant Kansas/Missouri Rivalry.

For those that want to hear CDot's argument in its original airing, you can find that over on the 610 Sports website.

The transcript and recording of the interview with Norm Stewart that is referenced in today's episode can be found here.

The description was a bit tougher to put together, as the conversation flowed between topics with much less structure than in prior episodes.

Topics include:

00:25 Intro

01:40 CDot reiterates "The Greatest Trick that Bill Self has ever pulled"

03:50 Bill Self's control on the rivalry. Can the SEC and Big 12 force the teams to play?

06:55 Is the "It doesn't benefit Kansas" argument valid?

9:05 Excitement factor might outweigh competition concerns

11:00 Could Self actually be stoking the rivalry with his actions? How much of the imbalance in perceived importance has to do with location of respective fanbases?

14:30 Stability vs tradition? Was the move worth it?

20:15 Can rivalry reboot ever get back to where it was?

29:15 Big 12/SEC Challenge lacks really good matchups.

32:30 Real blame for lack of game this year falls with the SEC.

35:30 Twitter Q&A (via @ChasClardy): If KU changes conferences when the grant of rights ends, will Self be willing to play MU again?

38:25 NBA Finals: CDot talks Lebron James

41:15 Wrap-up