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Marcus Morris Denies Playing in Place of Injuried Markieff

You outta know why I’m here

Kansas State v Kansas Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Kansas News

Did the Morris twins pull a fast one? | Tale of the Tait |
The NBA is full of conspiracy theories, from people thinking the games and postseason results are predetermined by the league office to others believing that the officials have an interest in deciding the outcome of games on a regular basis to fit that agenda.

KU baseball rolls to 20-4 triumph |
Kansas’ baseball team scored 11 runs in the fourth inning and defeated Texas Southern, 20-4, on Friday night at Hoglund Ballpark.

Kansas softball falls to ISU, 1-0 |
Iowa State scored in the bottom of the seventh inning for a 1-0 victory over Kansas in Big 12 softball Friday at Cyclone Sports Complex in Ames, Iowa.

KU notebook: Morris twins didn’t dare trade places in NBA playoff game, their former teammates maintain
“Not at these high stakes, the highest stakes in the world. For a class? Maybe. Right now, absolutely not,” said Taylor in a phone interview. Taylor was a teammate of the Morris twins at Kansas.

Other Sports

Cavs-Raptors takeaways: LeBron might be playing the best basketball of his life -
The Cleveland Cavaliers took a commanding 3-0 lead in their second-round series against the Toronto Raptors with a 115-94 victory in Game 3 on Friday. This was an evenly matched contest for three quarters, and then Cleveland went on a 20-3 run to start the final frame.

WATCH: LeBron James continues to clown Raptors, now shooting left-handed -
LeBron James has been playing with the Raptors through the entirety of the Cavaliers playoff series against them. In Game 1 he called an alley-oop off the glass from Kyrie Irving in the first quarter. In Game 2 he spun the ball in his hands before pulling up for a 3-pointer over Serge Ibaka. After receiving a little bit of backlash for his disrespect there was a possibility of James choosing to cool off and just play his game.

LeBron James of Cleveland Cavaliers says no disrespect meant by ball-spinning play
LeBron James says spinning the ball in his hands before drilling a 3-pointer over Toronto Raptors forward Serge Ibaka in the Cleveland Cavaliers' Game 2 win Wednesday was merely a basketball play, not a sign of disrespect.

Kyle Korver comments on the hard work LeBron James puts in off the court
LeBron James is arguably one of the hardest working players in the league. His freakish athleticism and masculine body is not just the work of his family genes, but also is due to his hustle and determination in the weight room.

LeBron James to Drake after Game 3: 'Margaritas on me' -
The Cavaliers star and Drake, who is a global ambassador for the Raptors, have been friends for a while, and have exchanged plenty of basketball jabs as their respective teams have developed a tradition of meeting in the post-season.

Is LeBron James having the best postseason in modern NBA history? | FOX Sports
The King's crown is immaculate. There are no gambling skeletons in his closet, no extramarital forays, no scandals whatsoever — unless you were up in arms about LeBron driving a Hummer in high school.

Discussion Questions

  1. During one of the games last night I was wondering. If you could put any current NBA player on the 2017-2018 KU roster, who would it be and why?
  2. Same question but with any NBA player current or retired (assume you get them in their prime)