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Kansas Jayhawks Memorial Day 2017 News and Notes

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend; never forget those who have gone before us.


Gonna take it easy in today’s news and notes. There has been some breaking news over the weekend, though.

Athletic Director Sheahon Zenger had his contract extended through 2021. In other words, the guy who hired Charlie Weis just got a raise. With Rock Chalk Park and the DeBruce Center complete, Zenger says his priorities now are football and Memorial Stadium renovations.

Matt Tait says all the hubbub about the Big 12-SEC challenge schedule is a bunch of “white noise.” Nothing has changed for Kansas and despite a highly regarded recruiting class, Missouri hasn’t shown it belongs in the same arena as the Jayhawks.

In other news:

It looks like Notre Dame QB Malik Zaire will end up at Florida.

The Stanley Cup Finals are set, and the Pittsburgh Penguins will take on the Nashville Predators. I think I know who David is rooting for.

A couple of minor-league teams brawled. Like, kind of almost actually brawled, including throwing baseballs at each other in the scrum.

A high-school sophomore threw a perfect perfect game in New Jersey playoff action, striking out all 21 batters she faced.

Memorial Day was originally founded in order for “Civil War veterans in federal employ to pay their respects to those who gave their lives in the conflict, without losing a day’s pay.” I would encourage you to take this opportunity to remember ALL of those who have gone before us.