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RCT Podcast: Big 12 Baseball, KU Football

Mike and I discuss Kansas Baseball in the Big 12 tournament, Gale Sayers earning the distinction of Greatest Kansas Football Player, and more.

Washington Redskins v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It’s a short turnaround, but there was too much happening with baseball to leave for another week, and of course it’s never a bad time to talk about football.

I finally figured out how to make these downloadable, so feel free to download and queue it up when you get the opportunity later.

This was recorded on Thursday, May 25.

Topics today include:

00:20 Intro - Covering Baseball and Football

01:05 KU Baseball in the Big 12 Tournament

03:30 Did last week's disappointing results cause issues for a possible NCAA Tournament selection?

07:15 Extremely competitive Big 12 conference this year - how many bids does that turn into?

10:30 Greatest KU Football Player - Thoughts on the results. (And yes, I accidentally said Meier when I meant Reesing.)

13:05 Singing the praises of Gale Sayers in both college and the pros. Will we ever see a player that will perform so well at both levels?

16:50 Recency Bias - How does it affect our evaluation of players like Todd Reesing or Frank Mason?

19:05 Is there anyone on the current rosters that might be able to work into deserving a spot in a future "Best KU Football Player" bracket?

22:03 Your Weekly "Kansas Beat Texas in Football" reminder. Will Kansas fans ever shut up about that win?

25:20 Wrap-up