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RCT Podcast: Talking Kansas Football, NFL Draft, Baseball

Mike and I talk football, baseball and catch up on the latest news.

Texas v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

A lot has happened since the last time we talked football on the podcast. We had a mixed-bag of a Spring Game, we picked up a couple new recruits, and the NFL draft happened.

This episode was recorded on Friday, April 28th during the 3rd round of the NFL Draft, so all the UDFA and late rounds were not discussed, but there was still plenty to talk about.

We also talked a little bit about the baseball team, which has been hot in April to get back to relevance.

Topics of today’s episode include:

00:45 Spring Game recap/impressions

02:23 Obligatory "Kansas Beat Texas in football" reminder

06:00 Graduate Transfer OL Zach Hannon - what can we expect?

08:30 Offensive Line continuity.

09:30 Recruiting News

11:40 NFL Draft Talk

15:11 Twitter Q&A - Starting QB in the fall: Stanley or Bender? Expectations for the starter?

22:50 Twitter Q&A - Can Beaty and Hull keep up the recruiting success?

32:20 Talking about the future of the program

42:10 KU Roundup - Golf/Softball

43:45 KU Baseball

52:26 Wrapup/Preview of the next few episodes

As always, send your suggestions/questions to us at or on Twitter @rockchalktalk.