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Kansas Jayhawk Football: The All-Post Mangino Team

Can you put together a good football team out of KU’s players over the last seven years?

Ohio Bobcats v Kansas Jayhawks Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

We all know that KU hasn’t been good enough to even sniff a bowl game since Mark Mangino left. In fact, since Turner Gill took over for the big guy in 2010, Kansas football is 14-70 over seven seasons. That horrible record got me good a football team can we put together if we just use post-Mangino players?

This led me to...the All-Post Mangino Team. These are my starting picks for any Jayhawk who played after the beloved/hated coach left. Yes, that includes some guys like Chris Harris who played all but one year under Mangino, but I didn’t want to wade into waters that would make this exercise murkier. Without further ado, here’s the squad:

QB: Michael Cummings
RB: James Sims
RB/WR: Tony Pierson
WR: Steven Sims
WR: LaQuivionte Gonzalez
WR: Nick Harwell
TE: Jimmay Mundine
OL: Tanner Hawkinson
OL: Jeremiah Hatch
OL: Jeff Spikes
OL: Trevor Marrongelli
OL: Larry Mazcyk

DE: Dorance Armstrong
DE: Ben Goodman
BUCK: Michael Reynolds
DT: Keon Stowers
DT: Daniel Wise
LB: Ben Heeney
LB: Steven Johnson
LB: Joe Dineen
CB: Chris Harris
CB: Jacorey Shepherd
S: Bradley McDougald
S: Fish Smithson

K: Matthew Wyman
P: Trevor Pardula
KR/PR: DJ Beshears

After looking at that roster, how many wins do you think it could get? It makes for a salty defense, but that o-line isn’t that intimidating, and having to make a call between Michael Cummings and Jordan Webb at QB is less-than-inspiring. Could this team even compete for a Big 12 title against a single Oklahoma, Oklahoma State or TCU team? Is there anyone you would sub in or take out? As always, discuss in the comments.

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