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Rock Chalk Talk Podcast: Talking Kansas Basketball, the Lawson brothers, Charlie Moore, and NBA Playoffs

Steve and I talk about the latest news for KU basketball.

NBA: Playoffs-San Antonio Spurs at Memphis Grizzlies Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

A lot has happened since the last time we recorded a podcast. In fact, there has been so much news that I decided to break it up into a few different episodes to give us a chance to explore everything without blocking off 2 hours of an afternoon.

Today’s episode was recorded Monday night with Fetch, and it covers everything that has happened in the last couple weeks related to Kansas basketball (except the Josh Jackson NBA draft decision, which was so expected that I’m not sure it can be considered news).

Make sure you check out the show details below either before or after listening, as there are some important announcements on formatting and how you can get involved.

Topics include:

02:53 Lawson Brothers - Thoughts on the transfer, how does this set us up for 2018?

06:35 Charlie Moore quasi-signing - Are we still likely to get him? How is he going to fit in starting in 2018. (Ed. Note: This was recorded Monday night, prior to the official signing of Moore)

10:16 Freshman vs transfer: Is this team actually set up for 2017? Should Self have gone after something for this season instead of one or more of these transfers?

14:53 Twitter Q/&A: What do we expect from Mitch Lightfoot?

20:07 Twitter Q&A: Do we still think Svi is coming back?

24:19 Twitter Q&A: Any information on Hutchinson CC Transfer Juiston?

27:02 NBA Playoffs: Selden starting for Memphis, Kieff and Oubre in Washington, and a roundup of KU players in the league.

31:33 Last KU player to feature prominently on an NBA Finals team.

34:38 Wrap-up

As you may have noticed from listening, we will be breaking the podcasts into segments. As I explained in the intro, this will allow us to transition between topics and guests more easily, sets us up for any potential advertising (just in case the podcast goes on long enough to make that a reality) and really just makes it more manageable to deliver sound bytes and chunks for sharing and easier listening.

How does this affect you? Well, it means that we are likely going to be putting out content more often that won’t require huge time commitments for listening. Instead of blocking off 60-90 minutes for an episode, we can keep them to around 30 minutes and still dive deep into the topics that relate to the teams we know and love. This also means that we have the capability of getting contributions from more than just the 3 people who have been previously involved in this iteration of the podcast. If you have a topic that you want to talk about that somehow relates to KU Athletics (or even if it’s not related but you think the readers might want to hear about it), email me directly and we can work out a recording time. If you have any suggestions for people to try and interview, please let us know at or message us on Twitter @rockchalktalk.

I’d much rather have too many ideas on what to record and have a backlog of episodes to release than to be trying to scrape together something every other week or so just because we haven’t recorded in a while. So please let me know how we can expand the podcast offerings and please do offer to help out in any way you would like to. If anyone would like to submit either an original music clip for the intro and ending, or if anyone has any good ideas for podcast artwork, please email us.

Enough of my ramblings, please let us know what you think of the episode below.