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RCT Podcast: Devonte Graham is back, Frank Mason sweeps major National Player of the Year awards

Mike, Fetch and I are back to talk about the major developments in the Kansas Athletic program as of Sunday night.

The podcast is back for another episode, and despite the disappointing exit from the tournament (which we refused to talk about), there are still plenty of positive things to discuss. Take a look below for times to jump to whatever topic you want to listen to:

00:53 Final Four/Roy Williams Thoughts

03:51 Season's effects on Recruiting going forward

7:57 Consensus NPOTY BIFM - Surprised that he swept the major awards?

12:45 - Graham's announcement - should he have declared for the NBA this year?

20:45 - Expectations for next year? How will the lineup look?

26:29 - Any worries about Svi leaving?

31:35 - Best Kansas backcourts - Is Mason/Graham the best one?

37:20 Off-the-wall Twitter Q&A question.

39:25 - Football expectations

54:22 - Basketball ceiling for next year.

56:31 - Wrapup

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