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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Big 12 Quarterfinals vs TCU Horned Frogs

Will the absence of Josh Jackson keep KU from moving on this week?

NCAA Basketball: Big 12 Championship-TCU vs Oklahoma Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Tournament time has officially begun. With the Big 12 Tournament kicking off yesterday, the single elimination phase of the season is here. The Kansas Jayhawks fully rested but a bit shorthanded, while the TCU Horned Frogs dispatched Oklahoma last night. Who will survive and advance? More importantly, do we actually care?

dnoll5: No Jackson, no problem. This will be my last prediction until a potential Sweet 16 game, so I might as well make the prediction before I even know who Kansas is playing. I’ll see the scores from Lyon, France, but I’ll trust the system that KU will be just fine. I’ll eat a Kansas 77, OU/TCU 70.

KU Grad 08: Hey dnoll5 we will be in France in nearly the same time how cray is that? Ideally this would be a game to get Svi going, hopefully we can get useful Bragg… meh I’m not holding my breath. Apart from absolutely embarrassing KState last year, KU is always sluggish in this game and is missing Josh Jackson. TCU isn’t that good, but they are good enough. TCU 76, Kansas 75.

Jakebogen95: Jackson out? This gives Kansas a chance to give others more minutes. Kansas can utilize guys like Bragg, Svi, LaGerald and even Lightfoot before the tournament. I can’t count out Kansas in any game. With this game expect a random breakout of one of the guys I mentioned above also Frank Mason will have his usual type of game. Kansas 79, TCU 70

Mike: What? There’s a game this afternoon? Argh. I guess KU will probably win. Bill Self isn’t going to actually play the starters, is he? Who are we playing again? Kansas 80, Other Team 70.

Fizzle406: Afternoon games are lame. I don’t know why the Big 12 refuses to schedule their games so they accommodate me. That is incredible selfish of them. Anyway, I think Kansas is going to win because Kansas is the best team in the country. Kansas 75, TCU 74

Andy: Afternoon games are the worst aren't they? I'll be listening on the radio while traveling, but I'm not expecting anything crazy. Jackson will be missed, but Devonte Graham and Mason should be able to work around that to move on to the next round. Kansas 72, TCU 69