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Did Kansas choke, or was Oregon just better?

It is what it is.

Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

All sad links today, guys.  Sorry.


Pain of Elite Eight loss lingers, but Jayhawks have faith in future |

The sun did, in fact, come up in Lawrence on Sunday morning, but its arrival was not the signaling of the beginning of Final Four preparations for the Kansas men’s basketball team.

KU seniors say goodbye | Tale of the Tait |

Lucas and Mason leave Kansas as two of the most appreciated players in recent memory, partly because of their status as seniors in an era that has been dominated by early departures and transfers and partly because of the paths they took to prominence.

KU notebook: Tough ending for Lucas and Mason, plus a look into the future

Kansas seniors Landen Lucas and Frank Mason spoke not only to the media, but individually to Jayhawk basketball fans after Saturday’s 74-60 NCAA Tournament Midwest Region Elite Eight loss to Oregon at the Sprint Center.

Vahe Gregorian: KU’s Josh Jackson displays both sides of the one-and-done player

"Took me out of a rhythm, made it even harder for me to get (into) a rhythm when I came back in the game," said Jackson, who was patient and gracious with waves of the same questions after the game. "I was playing a little bit timid. I was worried about picking up a third foul. Couldn’t be as aggressive as I wanted to be."

Here’s what happened on the offensive rebound that sealed Oregon’s win over Kansas

"They didn’t even shoot the ball. He just threw it," KU coach Bill Self said. "Fortunately for them, it hit the rim."

The Kansas Jayhawks blew it again | FOX Sports

It was a classic performance from a Bill Self team. For whatever reason, one of the best coaches in basketball is stymied when his team has to play an NCAA tournament game on one-day rest, as KU did on Saturday against Oregon.

Bill Self, Kansas Jayhawks Didn't Choke: Oregon Ducks Earned Final Four Bid | Bleacher Report

If there was an Elite Eight loss that seemed inexcusable in Self's career, that would have been in 2011 to 11th-seeded VCU. But this one? A choke? Nah. That diminishes what the Ducks just pulled off, and that is not fair.

The stars were aligned for Kansas, but the Jayhawks forgot their big-boy game -

It was hard to picture a clearer path for a superpower in this setting Saturday night. But here’s the thing about all that legacy and history and those hall of famers. Sometimes Kansas forgets there is another team on the court.