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Bender, Stanley vying for starting QB gig

Do, or do not. There is no try.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports


Kansas Spring Practice: Who Will Be The Jayhawks QB In 2017? | Heartland College Sports

Kansas has had their fair share of issues, but none have been bigger than the all-important quarterback position. The Jayhawks have been searching for answers at the position since the Todd Reesing era (2006-2009).

Beaty and Meacham expect seamless transition for KU offense |

“It was interesting to watch him work with a couple pieces today,” Beaty said, following KU’s first practice on Monday, “that I don’t know I would’ve thought to use the way he did, which is what I love about Meach. He and I think little differently sometimes.”

VIDEO - Coordinators meet the media following football's second spring practice

After a five-minute drive across campus from Anschutz Sports Pavilion due to snow and cold weather, defensive coordinator Clint Bowen and offensive coordinator Doug Meacham sat down for interviews after Kansas football's second spring practice.

Known commodities: Big-name opponent could await Kansas |

The Jayhawks (28-4) on Friday will face the winner of Wednesday night’s First Four matchup between North Carolina Central and UC Davis. A win there would move Kansas into the second round, where it would face the winner of Friday’s 8-9 game between Miami, Fla., and Michigan State. That would put the Jayhawks into a position very similar to the one they faced last season, when they took on UConn — a program had won a national title as recently as 2014 and two this decade — in the second round in Des Moines, Iowa.

KU did not report bar altercation to Title IX office as required, father tells Senate committee

On Tuesday, (Mr.) Calvert told the committee that during a recent meeting with KU’s Office of Institutional Opportunity and Access — which handles Title IX cases — he and his family asked if anyone else had reported the vandalism to them and they said “no.”

(Mr. Ed says: Joe Monaco, the Director of Communications at the University of Kansas, immediately tweeted at the KC Star and the author of the article above when the piece was published.)


NCAA Tournament 2017: Mount St. Mary's starts March Madness beating New Orleans -

The Mountaineers prevailed over the Privateers 67-66 but it was back-and-forth down the home stretch before New Orleans’ attempt at a potential buzzer-beater resulted in a final second turnover.

Kansas State holds off Wake Forest on First Four opening night -

Fouls and free throws were in large supply Tuesday night, as the Deacs and Wildcats combined for 24 whistles in the first half alone. Three Kansas State players gathered two in the opening frame, and two had three calls at that point.

Dopey Ken Starr calls Art Briles is an 'honorable man' | Heartland College Sports

In an interview to promote his new book, “Bear Country: The Baylor Story,” Starr went on record saying, “I continue to believe that Art Briles is an honorable man. There may have been ways — and he would have to speak to it — of improving accountability, but I do not believe Art Briles conducted himself in a dishonorable way.”