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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Kansas State

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Can the Jayhawks steal one on the road against the Wildcats?

NCAA Basketball: Texas Christian at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday, the Kansas State Wildcats did the Kansas Jayhawks a solid in beating Baylor on the road. They won't be so accommodating tonight, when they host KU on Big Monday. Will Kansas be able to sneak out of Manhattan with another road win?

dnoll5: On the weekend, K-State “fans” were really on the fence- cheer for their own team to beat Baylor thus maintaining KU’s one game lead in the conference, or follow their gut instinct and cheer for their actual favorite team- the one contending with Kansas. Alas, tonight, they get the best of both worlds (well, they’re not contending with Kansas for anything, but I digress…) because as they mightily cheer against the Jayhawks, the side effect is their team could win. Actually, in a perfect world, it would somehow also include complaining about the referees and still winning, but those kind of wins are like unicorns. But anyway, I’m not going to pick KU to lose two games in a row. Kansas 88, K-State 87.

Mike: I bet K-State fans are super pumped for the first sellout of the season. At least, I assume it will be their first sellout of the season. I can’t say with certainty, as I don’t follow K-State basketball. But I have seen enough of them this year to know that I wish DJ Johnson was on our team; that’s about the highest compliment I’ve ever given anyone who associates themselves with KSU. Whether or not Bragg plays tonight, I feel confident that Kansas will rally off that home loss, play some inspired basketball, and survive the once-a-year sandstorm that is K-State basketball. Kansas 81, K-State 75.

David: This game is a total coin flip for me. K-State has been all over the place in Big 12 play, and Kansas is coming off a home loss, and a game where even Landon Lucas logged over 40 minutes. The guys may be a little tired, and the offense is starting to look erratic, plus Manhattan has become a tough place for KU to play. On the other hand, K-State is a fringe tournament team right now, and the Jayhawks have a distinct talent advantage. If Landen Lucas can somehow keep D.J. Johnson from going crazy in the post while also avoiding foul trouble, it will increase KU’s chances, but I don't feel great about this one. Kansas State 81, Kansas 80

Fizzle406: I predicted a two-game slide a couple weeks ago when we were going into Morgantown and Lexington. Luckily that didn’t quite happen. However, I think we just delayed it. I don’t see KU winning this one. Kansas State 82, Kansas 75

KU Grad 08: Come on let’s just be real here… there is no freaking way we are winning this game. KState 81, Kansas 73.

Andy: I just don't know what to think with this team anymore. The loss at West Virginia was understandable. The win at Kentucky was surprising, the win over Baylor supposedly showing this team was putting together something special. Then Saturday happened and now the Big 12 conference race is wide open again. I have a hard time seeing a Jayhawk win, but that exactly why I'm going Kansas 87, Kansas State 85.