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Doubt, Confusion Surround Kansas Basketball Player Accusations

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Conflicting reports and dubious sources shed doubt on the latest accusations against KU basketball players.

NCAA Basketball: Kansas State at Kansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, we reported on a Kansas City Star article indicating that Kansas basketball players LaGerald Vick and Josh Jackson were “persons of interest” in a Lawrence criminal case involving the vandalism of a vehicle. The owner of the vehicle is the same person against whom the University of Kansas found Vick likely committed an act of domestic violence. The Star cited “multiple sources” in the report.

While it can’t be confirmed who the Star’s sources are, the Lawrence Journal World has indicated that they received the same information last week from a man who would not provide his name. The man claimed the victim’s car had its windshield broken and a door kicked. The same man told the Journal-World that Vick had been the subject of a University’s domestic violence investigation. The Journal-World was unable to substantiate information on either incident, and elected not to publish it. The Star, citing “multiple sources” elected to make their information public. In a follow up call, the Journal-World states the anonymous man then identified himself as the victim’s father.

But now there’s reason to believe the Star jumped the gun. Last night, John Holt, a TV news anchor for Fox 4 in Kansas City tweeted, tagging the Lawrence PD in the tweet, that they have not named any suspects or persons of interest in the case. Obviously, the Star isn’t going to reveal their sources, but it seems there’s reason to believe they may have run with the report from the same anonymous man who called the Journal-World.

The Lawrence PD has not refuted Holt’s tweet, which would seem to indicate agreement with his statement, though they have made no official statement one way or another at this time. All we can say for now is that it does appear there is an open vandalism case regarding a vehicle on the night in question, and no one seems to know whether Vick, Jackson, or any other members of the basketball team are involved.

Our conclusion at this time: ???