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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Oklahoma Sooners

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Will Kansas defend the home court for the last time this season?

NCAA Basketball: Kansas State at Oklahoma Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It's the final home game for Frank Mason, Landen Lucas and Tyler Self, and while all Senior Nights are special, this one is going to be just a little bit more. The opponent really doesn't matter much on nights like these, but does anyone actually think the Oklahoma Sooners are going to upset the Kansas Jayhawks tonight?

David: KU isn't losing to Oklahoma on senior night. They won't even come close. This will be an easy win, where the seniors get to have their ceremonial final game exit to a standing ovation from the crowd. No worries here. Kansas 81, Oklahoma 51

Mike: Hmm. Oklahoma, huh? I heard they suck but then they went and beat K-State by 30. LOL. I still can’t believe that score. I guess maybe KSU is the worst team in the Big 12 now? It certainly isn’t OU. What’s the over/under on Tyler Self’s minutes? I’ll set the line at 5. As for the game, it shouldn’t be close. Really, it shouldn’t be. Maybe for a while, OK, but the final margin should be comfortable enough for KU fans. Kansas 81, Oklahoma 51.

KU Grad 08: OU is kind of drumming up some Ewing theory - since they lost their best player, they’ve actually been incredibly salty. They’ve been in every game, scared some good teams on the road (Baylor) and are fresh off embarrassing K-State worse than the Power Towel or Eco Kat. I thought this would be an absolute drubbing, but OU is good enough to hang around. But we aren’t losing on senior night. Kansas 81, Oklahoma 51

fizzle: KU is winning tonight and I don’t really need to go further into any analysis. Maybe Tyler Self will mess around a get a triple double. Kansas 81, Oklahoma 51

Jakebogen95: The only way this game is close is if the NCAA grants a one-game eligibility to Buddy Hield and Blake Griffin. Since that is absolutely not happening, expect Colebeast and Tyler Self to have a double-double. Ok, probably not Tyler, but Coleby? Book it! Kansas 81, Oklahoma 51

dnoll5: Kansas is going to win. Kansas is going to win big. Tyler Self is going to make a three to start the scoring and nail a three to end the scoring. Bring the house down, Ty, bring it down. Kansas 81, Oklahoma 51

Andy: There's no way these scores were prefilled, right? Senior Night is going to be emotional, and I could easily see Oklahoma capitalizing early. But with all the issues Oklahoma has been dealing with, there is no way they can pull off the upset. Kansas 81, Oklahoma 51.