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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Texas Longhorns

Will Kansas avoid a let down game in Austin?

NCAA Basketball: Texas at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

There are only 3 games left for the Kansas Jayhawks in the regular season, and finishing strong may earn them the overall #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. Can they avoid a let down against the Texas Longhorns in Austin?

Fizzle406: I see a let down game here. They have the conference won, they will win it outright next week on senior night, this Texas game is just in the way of the NCAA tournament. Had they played a week ago I would pick Kansas but there isn’t much #motivation for this one. Texas 76, Kansas 70

dnoll5: I disagree with Fizzle. Victory will be ours. There’s part of me that believes that Bill Self wants to win this thing by as many games as possible. Plus, this game is against Shaka Smart who people think is as good of a coach as Self for some reason, mainly because he had one game where a bunch of weirdos made threes, so there might still be some #motivation after all. Anyway, I digress, but I hate Texas, so I will never pick them to win anything against KU. Kansas 100, Texas 40.

Mike: I definitely see some potential for a letdown here, so maybe the Jayhawks won’t score as much as they usually do. With that in mind, I think I’ll go Kansas 24, Texas 21.

KU Grad 08: Sure there is let down potential, but I don’t think Texas is good enough to cash in on it. They just can’t score. It would be pretty fitting for them to go something like 15-24 from three because they are playing KU, but regardless I think we’ll squeak it out. Kansas 73, Texas 69.

Andy: How many times can Kansas beat Texas this year? I think we are already at the record in recent history, so let's add to it. Obviously Texas isn't going anywhere this year, so I don't expect Kansas to give them a chance at a season-defining win. Kansas 77, Texas 68.

David: I was going to hop in here and talk about how this could be a letdown game, but now that I see a bunch of people are already in that boat, I'm saying ---- that. KU will come out fired up and ready to

Ed Note: It looks like David's prediction was partially erased on accident. I'm sure he was going to predict a blowout by Kansas though.