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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: TCU Horned Frogs

Come tell us who wins tonight’s huge (at least much bigger than you might think) matchup.

NCAA Basketball: Texas Christian at Iowa State Rachel Mummey-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas Jayhawks are one victory (or one Baylor loss) away from clinching at least a share of their 13th consecutive Big 12 title. The TCU Horned Frogs are probably one big win away from making it to the NCAA tournament for the first time since 1998. Who will emerge victorious tonight?

Mike: I’ve lost track of what TCU has done since the hosted KU a few weeks ago. Let me go check real quick. … … … … Hmm, they’ve only had two close road games in conference, a 6-point win at K-State (lol) and a 6-point loss at Texas Tech. With Brandon Rush in the house and the opportunity to clinch #13, methinks the Jayhawks roll. Kansas 88, TCU 71.

Fizzle406: KU has this one. B-Rush is getting his jersey retired at halftime too. I’d like to see reduced minutes for Mason. Maybe let some of the scrubs whose names I haven’t learned play a little, too. Kansas 76, TCU 67

David: I can see KU coming out a little flat after what they’ve done in the last two games. It’ll be easy to look at home game against TCU as a break, but they can’t afford to. I’m a little torn as to what I think of TCU. On one hand, they look like a solid group of well-coached players, and every bracketologist has them solidly in the tournament, but their best win this season was probably a win over Iowa State in Ft Worth or beating K-State in Manhattan. All their other wins in Big 12 play have been over Oklahoma, Texas, and Texas Tech. Anyway, I think KU will either start out sluggish and turn it up just enough to win comfortably, or they’ll start out hot then let their foot off the gas. Probably about the same result either way. Kansas 78, TCU 70

dnoll5: KU hasn’t really made it into cruise control mode at all this conference season, so I expect this to be no different. Kansas will get a nice lead, TCU will bite away at it slowly, Kansas will turn it on again when it matters, TCU will hit an impossible shot that gives them the narrowest belief, Kansas will win by 7. Kansas 80, TCU 73.

KU Grad 08: TCU is solid and has a few players that can give us some problems (Brodziansky, Fisher) but I have a hard time seeing us lose two home games in one season. KU will play like absolute crap for some stretches and probably trail for significant stretches of game time, but they’ll make a mini run or two to pull it out. Kansas 77, TCU 71.

Andy: I think I’m the only one who is actually worried about this game (maybe that’s just my Duel of the Underdogs pick talking). TCU really needs to get a big win to make a push towards the NCAA tournament, and there isn’t one bigger than upsetting the Jayhawks in Allen. I do expect Kansas to win, but I can easily see them falling behind early and having to make a comeback in the final 10 minutes of the game. Also, I expect big things from Vladimir Brodziansky. I’m not sure why, but something about playing against a Russian big man just has me uneasy. Well, that and the fact that he tore us up inside last time we played. Kansas 71, TCU 68