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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Baylor Bears

Will Kansas be able to wrap up the Big 12 race today in Waco?

NCAA Basketball: Texas Christian at Baylor Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off an epic comeback in Monday, it's hard to tell what the Kansas Jayhawks will have in the tank for today's game against the Baylor Bears in Waco. A win puts Kansas up by 3 games with 4 to play. A loss drops them to 1 game up with 4 to go. Will Baylor be able to protect home court?

KU Grad 08: If Kansas wins this game, the league race is straight up over with four games remaining. I think the Big 12 is too good this year for us to have this thing locked up when March isn’t even in sight, and with all the fire we’ve played with lately… well let’s just say we are due to have to fight this out and earn the title down the stretch. Baylor is big, athletic and seems to make every garbage shot they take against us. This time, they bank in three off-balance, shotclock-expiring three pointers instead of two down the stretch. Baylor 75, Kansas 70.

Fizzle406: I’ve got a good feeling about this game. The team has had plenty of time to recover from the WVU and they could have #13 basically wrapped up after this one. I’m no doctor but I think Frank has to be back to 100% after his sickness (ankle/knee injuries might be a different story) but I predict we will see more of the POTY Frank Mason and not the gassed and sick Frank Mason. Kansas 77, Baylor 70

dnoll5: I don’t think Kansas will win. But, I’m going to go ahead and say that they will somehow. KU wraps up the Big 12 (barring a total collapse down the stretch), and Frank cements NPOY status. Kansas 79, Baylor 78.

Mike: I think Kansas is still in awe of themselves after the comeback versus West Virginia, while Baylor will be out for blood. I’m willing to bet this is the first time the Bears have hosted a top-5 matchup on CBS, so I think this is another one to chalk up to #Motivation. The Jayhawks barely held off the Bears in Lawrence, and I know they say they thrive on hostile road environments, but I think this one will just be too much. All the bandwagon Baylor fans out there can pretend to care about basketball for a day or so. Baylor 80, Kansas 70.

Andy: I understand the concerns, but I just saw a team that was down 14 with less than 3 minutes left come back to win a game. BIFM had an off night from everywhere except the free throw line. The entire team missed more layups than a JV middle school team would, which I don't think will continue here. In all, Kansas will play much better this game, and we still have Scott Drew on the opposing bench to screw up the late game situations. Kansas 78, Baylor 75.