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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: West Virginia Mountaineers

Will Kansas be able to fight off a challenge from Press Virginia?

NCAA Basketball: Kansas State at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

After narrowly surviving at Texas Tech on Saturday, the Kansas Jayhawks get a short turnaround with the West Virginia Mountaineers coming to town. Will revenge be had in Lawrence for the beat down in Morgantown, or will WVU complete the season sweep?

Jakebogen95: Until the Jayhawks have a rim-protector like they did with Jeff Withey and Joel Embiid, it’s going to be the same old cardiac kids. The thing with KU is they are an elite team that is lacking depth due to the injury of Udoka Azuibuke. Landen Lucas is great in some areas, but he lacks the shot blocking ability Kansas needs. I expect every game from here on out to be within 10 points. After watching Kansas blow that game to Iowa State, I now feel comfortable saying no lead is safe with Kansas. Of course we get all the calls so it should be an easy one right? Wrong. We don’t get all the calls and this won’t be easy at all. I still think Kansas prevails with the help of Frank Mason and Josh Jackson combining for 50 points together. Kansas 76, Press Virginia 71

Mike: For some reason I’m not too terribly worried about this game. Even if Frank Mason is sick (or hurt, or tired), I just have a hard time seeing the Jayhawks drop two in a row in Allen. I agree with Jake in that I don’t think we’ll see an easy game the rest of the way, with one exception (OU in Allen Fieldhouse). This will be tough, but the guys will want to avenge the loss in Morgantown and start up a new homecourt win streak. Score another one for #Motivation, Kansas 85, West Virginia 75.

Fizzle406: I think Frank should be feeling better by tonight. Even if he's not, I don't see Kansas dropping two in a row at home. Kansas 76, West Virginia 69

dnoll5: Eh, I thought this game was on Wednesday for some reason. We probably won’t be as fresh as I’d like, but Kansas beat the press rather easily last time against West Virginia, so that wasn’t the problem. What I remember from that game are the easy dunks and penetration that WVU constantly got. Stop that, and I think KU wins. Kansas 88, West Virginia 80.

KU Grad 08: I’m honestly about 50/50 on this one. So I’ll be optimistic and say KU gets a nice shooting night from deep and West Virginia doesn’t. Hopefully that is enough. Kansas 78, West Virginia 76.

David: You’re all nuts. KU is -4 in scoring margin across their last six games, thanks largely in part to a 16 point loss to this same West Virginia team where they fell apart late in the game. KU doesn’t play well against Press Virginia. Since we beat the hell out of them in 2013, we’re 4-4 against Huggins (3-4 if you don’t count last year’s Big 12 tournament game). Now we have a team that’s starting to look fatigued and an injured/sick Frank Mason trying to play an up-tempo pressing team that I think is, honestly, a bit better than us as a team. This team already lost a home game to an ISU squad that isn’t nearly as good as West Virginia. Self’s worst loss at AFH was the infamous Texas game they lost by 11 in 2011. I think we’ll give that mark a run for its money tonight. West Virginia 81, Kansas 71

Andy: David is on to something here. I always hate to pick against the Jayhawks at home, but this team has serious depth issues and an injury of unknown severity to their star player. I really want to go with Kansas here, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see Kansas eek out another win at home, but I’m going to have to lean towards West Virginia. West Virginia 83, Kansas 78.