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Updated Big 12 Marginal Performance Rankings

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How are Big 12 teams doing relative to expectations?

NCAA Basketball: Kansas State at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

We’re hitting the home stretch of conference play, and as we go further, and teams’ schedules start to even out, these ratings won’t really tell you anything more than simply looking at the per-possession ratings on their own. However, since schedules are still a bit unbalanced, I’m keeping this going for at least another week. Kansas continues to have a great offense, offset by a really bad defense. They aren’t far from being 9th in the Big 12 on that end of the floor, both in this measure and in outright efficiency. They’re still hanging out at 4th, just a bit behind Iowa State. In fact, there was only one change in the rankings this week, as Oklahoma State’s improved play bumped them into the top half of the conference, edging out Kansas State.

I think your top six are probably your tournament teams this year, especially with the schedule TCU has ahead of them. I’m not sure both Kansas State and Oklahoma State get in, either. Right now KenPom has them both finishing 9-9 in conference. That’s probably enough to get them in with as tough as the conference is/is alleged to be this year, but it’s not guaranteed, and 8-10 is a certain relegation to the NIT. The only things I’d say are certain right now is that KU, Baylor and West Virginia are the contenders for the title, and Oklahoma and Texas are the worst teams in the conference. Just about anything else is up for grabs.