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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Texas Longhorns

Our staff tells you what is going to happen in tonight’s Big 12 Opener.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-UNI vs Texas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas opens up Big 12 Play tonight in Austin, TX. While the Jayhawks have not lost a conference opener since 1991, this year seems to be especially challenging, given the depth issues that the Jayhawks have had. Can the Texas Longhorns capitalize and give the rest of the conference an early boost against the Jayhawks?

Mike.Plank: So per KenPom, KU is just a 47% shot to win the league this year. I’m guessing that number shoots up if the Jayhawks go to Austin and start the season off with a win, and I figure Bill Self knows it. If ever there was a year for KU to play with a chip on its shoulder, it’s this year. KU gets it started off right - Kansas 75, Texas 70.

dnoll5: I believe I have mentioned many a time on this site about my absolute hatred for everything Texas, and because of this I am going to make a complete list of all the sports that Texas should be better that KU at but isn’t: ALL OF THEM. That’s the list. With its infinitely deep pockets and ridiculous amount of oil tycoon donors, Texas can’t seem to be better than Kansas at any sport. Sure, they might do better in some of the non-revenue sports, but KU has been kicking some major butt at volleyball and track in the last few years too. What a waste of resources Texas is. These delinquents hold an entire conference hostage for what? The Longhorn Network? They destroyed a conference for a channel that can’t outdraw ION Television and is seen in approximately 64 households across the country? You suck Texas. Kansas 99, Texas 70.

Fizzle406: I think the depth issues that hurt Kansas in the noncon will be evident tonight as they still haven't been fixed yet. I think Texas wins this one but Kansas will win the next one in AFH with a fuller roster. Texas 80, Kansas 72

David: Texas is fairly tall and plays great defense. My concern in this one is that their defense will neutralize Kansas’ offense a bit (especially inside the 3 point arc), leaving Kansas with two options: hit a ton of outside shots, or win with defense. I don't they can do the latter, and I'd rather not rely on the former. I give Texas the edge because it's on the road. Texas 75, Kansas 72

Andy Mitts: As Fetch and I talked about on the podcast, Texas’ defensive reputation benefits greatly from a phenomenal 3-point defense percentage, which is not likely due to anything that they are doing on defense. I expect that to regress, and Texas is not likely to benefit from a raucous home crowd as the students are still out of town for the holiday break. I think Kansas eeks out a win as Dok and Bamba play to a stalemate and KU’s outside shooters push them across the finish line. Kansas 82, Texas 76.