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Notebook: Texas A&M to hire KU Volleyball assistant

We better not miss out on some great Christmas adventure.

NCAA Basketball: Oakland at Kansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Silvio de Sousa has been officially cleared to begin practicing with the Jayhawks while the NCAA continues to work through the amateurism process (whatever that means).

Mitch Lightfoot has already nearly doubled his blocks over last season.

Tom Keegan that reports that Texas A&M is on the verge of hiring KU volleyball assistant Laura Kuhn as its women’s volleyball coach. Kuhn was the driving force behind recruiting the stellar senior class that just graduated.

VIDEO: Recruiting analyst Woody Wommack breaks down Anthony Williams, the electric running back who chose KU over LSU and Nebraska.

A Reddit user did some investigative reporting and determined that Florida State’s win over Delaware State shouldn’t count toward bowl eligibility. Florida State says nuh uh.

UCLA has suspended Jalen Hill and Cody Riley, who were involved with LiAngelo Ball in a shoplifting incident in Jina I mean China. Ball left school in early December.

How good of a chance does your team have to sign Eric Hosmer?

Kyrie Irving has already cemented himself as a certified moron, and is now just adding to the evidence, saying that Christmas isn’t a holiday.

Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is Sheahon Zenger’s job. I promise I’ve been good all year. I won’t ask for anything else; I don’t want anything else. In fact, I won’t ask for anything next year if I can just have this. I will leave out some cookies and milk as per usual, and some carrot sticks for the reindeer. Tell Mrs. Claus and Rudolph hi for me. Love, Mike.