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Silvio de Sousa officially cleared to join Kansas

The 6-9 power forward will wear #22 and will join Kansas on Dec 26.

NCAA Basketball: Kansas at Stanford Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It has been reported by multiple outlets -, The Kansas City Star, and JayhawkSlant - that Silvio de Sousa has been cleared by the NCAA to join the Kansas basketball program.

The quote from Bill Self reads as follows:

Silvio has completed the required coursework that will enable him to graduate and report to KU. We are now working through the NCAA's amateurism process and hope to have him certified as soon as possible for game competition. He is eligible to practice immediately and will report (to campus) on the 26th.

He is still unable to play in a game until fully cleared, but for now at least he can practice.

At the very least, he adds some much-needed depth to the frontcourt, and as a consensus top-30 recruit, can hopefully start making an impact on a nightly basis by the time February rolls around.