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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Syracuse Orange

Our staff tells you what is going to happen in today's game.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-Dayton vs Syracuse Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas Jayhawks get back to play Power 5 conference opponents today in the HoopHall Miami Invitational against the Syracuse Orange. Can the Jayhawks keep up the phenomenal performances on both sides of the ball?

dnoll5: Duke and Kentucky. That is the complete list of teams I hate more than Syracuse. That 2003 title game is probably the biggest thorn in my side in all my sports watching days (the 1997 Arizona game is a close second, but this one was a national title game so it wins out), and I will forever hate Syracuse for that game. If Carmelo Anthony would’ve won that game for Syracuse, I probably wouldn’t feel that way, but it was Gerry McNamara - a poor man’s Jason Sutherland (if you will). If you won’t, I will. Learn to spell. I hate that guy with a passion usually reserved for dictators and fascists. Wait, McNamara is an assistant for Jim Boeheim now???? God, now it’s actually possible to hate this team even more! I didn’t think it was, but Boeheim is such a notorious jerk-bag that you can’t help but hate, and based on that alone, you’ve got some sweet hate watching. But add in old free chucking Gerry, and the hate fest is complete for me. I hope we destroy their stupid zone. What a chicken way out. Did I mention I hate Syracuse? Kansas 135, Syracuse 67.

Jakebogen95: I hate Syracuse. I live in their territory so it’s so irritating hearing the “CUUUUSE” chants. Kansas rolls, I don’t respect the Orange or a head coach that is just worried about picking his nose. Kansas 102, Syrapuke 69.

Mike.Plank: All I know is that we’re one of the best offenses in the country. I don’t know anything about Syracuse except that they probably still play that stupid 2-3 zone. Are they even ranked? I don’t know. But I do expect that with almost a week to prepare, Bill Self should be able to coach circles around these clowns. Kansas 88, Syracuse 77

Fizzle406: I hope Kansas just goes scorched earth on these guys. I want the score to be so lopsided that Boeheim gets run out of town as soon as the buzzer sounds. Kansas 98, Syracuse 79

Andy Mitts: It's going to take some time for Kansas to bust the zone, but once they do it will be ridiculous how quickly we run up there score. I'm going back to Svi as the leading scorer. Kansas 89, Syracuse 72