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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks

Will tonight's game be more difficult than it should be?

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska Omaha at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas Jayhawks got a hard fought win against Nebraska on Saturday, and today they hope for a much easier challenge tonight. How much of an obstacle will tonight's opponent be?

dnoll5: I couldn’t have been more wrong with my predicted blowout of Nebraska, so maybe I’ll get it right against this lesser Nebraska side. Kansas dominates. But to add to that that, I think it’s really important for Malik Newman to have a strong game. He’s been dreadful lately, and this game could be the one that sees him break the slump. It would also be nice to see Sam Cunliffe play significant minutes tonight. Kansas 89, Omaha 59.

Fizzle406: So I had no idea Omaha had not one but 2 colleges. I might not be the best person to make a prediction on a school I didn’t know existed until just a few minutes ago. I still think Kansas wins. That would be my prediction no matter who the opponent was. Kansas 99, Omaha 70

Mike.Plank: Um. Omaha has 3 wins so far this year you say? Well then I say KU looks like s Top-5 team again tonight. Kansas 101, Nebraska-Lite: 65

Andy Mitts: Kansas needs a get right game, and this is the perfect opportunity. Cunliffe gets a chance to contribute, Svi finally gets back on track and the Jayhawks cruise. Kansas 95, Omaha 62.