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Notebook: Kansas Ready to Face Nebraska

The world is a vampire

Arizona State v Kansas Photo by Kyle Rivas/Getty Images

Kansas News

Behold The Most Hilarious Wildlife Photos of 2017
Wildlife photographer Tibor Kércz would spend a few nights each year camped out in a tent near a tree, hoping to capture photos of little owls and their nestlings. But just before nightfall on one fateful evening, three of the birds flew out onto a short branch. They landed and tried stabilizing themselves... but the owlet on the end began to fall.

Gameday Breakdown: No. 13 KU basketball vs. Nebraska |
“We can make excuses, but a lot of it is toughness,” KU coach Bill Self said after his team's 10-point, home loss to Arizona State last weekend. “When things aren't going well, you kind of grind through it a little bit. We just don't have that right now, and that's what we have got to get. And it's everybody. It's not just one or two people. It's everybody.

Longtime Jayhawk Montell Cozart looks to finish career with Boise State bowl win |
“It’s kind of like a dream come true,” Cozart told the Journal-World in a phone interview. “When you sign up to go to the next level and play Division I college football, you want to go to those bowl games, you want to experience those conference championships.”

Omaha prep QB plans to walk on at Kansas |
A 6-foot-2, 200-pound senior at Westside High, in Omaha, Neb., Dylan Plautz announced his decision to join the Jayhawks via Twitter on Friday, within a thank-you note he posted for family members, coaches, teammates and friends.

Joel Embiid goes one-on-one with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith | 'Hawks in the NBA |
When ESPN announced young Philadelphia star Joel Embiid would appear on “First Take,” one had to hope it would mean a one-on-one debate between the charismatic big man and the daily morning show’s rambunctious personality, Stephen A. Smith.

DA won’t file rape charges from incident at KU basketball dorm; no suspect ever identified after alcohol-filled party |
The Douglas County District Attorney’s Office will not file sex assault charges from a report that a 16-year-old girl was raped a year ago at the University of Kansas men’s basketball dorm.

Quick scout: Why KU’s offense will likely look different against Nebraska
Though Nebraska hovers around NCAA average when it comes to getting fastbreak chances, the team thrives when it gets those opportunities. The Huskers rank 60th in shooting percentage during the first 10 seconds of the shot clock and also have earned an “excellent” transition rating from Synergy.

Other Sports News

Bracketology: Villanova, Michigan State and 2 surprises are projected No. 1 seeds -
Usually, when I do a mid-December bracket update, there may be a surprise or two that needs to be considered, but especially near the top, there are not wholesale changes. That is not the case this year.

Panthers begin investigation of owner Jerry Richardson after allegations of misconduct -
"The Carolina Panthers and Mr. Richardson take these allegations very seriously and are fully committed to a full investigation and taking appropriate steps to address and remediate any misconduct," team spokesman Steven Drummond said in a statement. "The entire organization is fully committed to ensuring a safe, comfortable and diverse work environment where all individuals, regardless of sex, race, color, religion, gender, or sexual identity or orientation, are treated fairly and equally. We have work to do to achieve this goal, but we are going to meet it."

Will the XFL actually be making a return? WWE is not exactly denying the rumors -
As if 2017 has not been crazy enough, 2018 may be firing an opening salvo at continuing the insanity if one is to believe rumors swirling around the sports entertainment landscape. Nearly two decades after the original XFL shuttered its doors in 2001, the league may actually be on its way back.

Joel Embiid of Philadelphia 76ers defiant after spats with Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony
"He told me to go home, man. I mean, this is my home, so I guess it's on him to go home," Embiid said. "They won the game. I give them a lot of credit -- they did a lot of things. But I mean, the dude shot like 10-of-33. I wish I would've shot 33 times. I guess we would've had a better chance of actually winning the game. But he told me to go home, man. This is my home. I ain't going nowhere."

Alabama Crimson Tide offer junior QB Paul Tyson, great grandson of legendary coach Bear Bryant
Tyson is the great-grandson of legendary coach Bear Bryant and just received a scholarship offer to play quarterback for the Crimson Tide.

Other News

Ketamine Relieved Suicidal Thoughts Within Hours in Hospital Study
When it comes to preventing suicide, true breakthroughs are hard to come by. The overall rate of suicide in the U.S. has increased since the turn of the millennium, reaching a 30-year-high in 2016, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And although there are many drugs and therapy approaches available for people with depression, less than half of people achieve any sustained remission. In recent years, though, doctors have found convincing evidence that low doses of ketamine, a drug used by doctors and veterinarians for its anesthetic properties and by sensation-seekers for its psychedelic effects, might represent an genuine advance in treating depression. A new study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry suggests that ketamine could also be effective as a fast-acting treatment to prevent suicide.

California Warns People to Limit Exposure to Cellphones
Since the earliest days of mobile phones, a small but steady contingent of environmental activists, conspiracy-inclined folks, and some scientists have warned about the hidden damage they could be causing to our bodies, due to the radio frequency energy cellphones use to communicate with cell towers. They fear that this non-ionizing radiation could penetrate our cells and cause damage, increasing our risk of brain and head cancer. But scientists elsewhere have dismissed this potential link as, at best, unproven and, at worst, utterly implausible. In a surprising move this week, however, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) weighed in on the debate, warning people, especially kids, to stay away from cellphones whenever possible. The agency also issued guidelines on how to reduce exposure to radio frequency energy.