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KU Predictions: Baylor Bears

Our writing staff hazards their mental health to guess at what might happen during today’s game.

NCAA Football: Texas-San Antonio at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas Jayhawks welcome in the Baylor Bears to Lawrence, KS for Saturday’s game. And I do mean “welcome”, since this is probably the best chance that KU has for a win the rest of the year. But even though Baylor is bad, does Kansas even really have a chance in this game? Our writing staff weighs in (at least the ones that aren’t beating their heads against the wall repeatedly), so check out their thoughts before leaving us a prediction of your own below.

Mike.Plank: So S&P+ has this as a coinflip game, but Vegas has it anywhere from 7.5 to 10 points in favor of Baylor. Frankly, I don’t see how that’s enough. Maybe KU comes in fired up for their last decent chance to win a game this year, who knows? Baylor still has more talent, and we don’t know if Dorance Armstrong will play. KU maybe has a chance to get into a shootout if Carter Stanley remains the quarterback, but that’s about as optimistic as I’m going to get. Baylor 55, Kansas 31

dnoll5: Why would I predict a KU win? I won’t. Instead, I’ll predict that KU loses by the slightest of margins to a team that should no longer be allowed to have a football program. #SystemicInstitutionalProblems 42, #FireZenger 41

Fizzle406: Kansas is going to lose. If the announcer says some bullshit about how Baylor can now start the healing process, i am going to pick my TV up and break it over my knee like Bo Jackson. Baylor 3, Kansas 0

Jakebogen95: Welp. Let’s make this fun. Baylor’s mascot is a Bear and Kansas has the Jayhawk. Well, you would think the Baylor Baylor would maul a Jayhawk but who knows? Well, what I do know is that a Jayhawk can probably fly. With that being said Carter Stanley can play. I guess...well...I have zero idea what to say. I actually don’t. Zenger is terrible that is all. Sorry. End of story. Do you believe in miracles? Kansas 10, Baylor 9

Andy Mitts: This is going to be a disaster. Baylor has about the same number of weapons as Kansas does on offense, a slightly less talented defense, and a mediocre special teams unit. But Baylor has something much more important that sets them apart: a semi-competent coaching staff. I’m expecting Beaty to make at least 2 or 3 horrible decisions and the game will turn on that. When they happen will be the difference between a close loss late or a big blowout. Art Briles Ex’s: 41, Punting on 4th and Inches: 20.