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#KURank: 7 Charles B. Black

No one personifies the challenges of doing this project moreso than Black. He played from 1942-1947, taking a couple years off to fly planes in a little something called World War II. Black was KU’s first 1,000 point scorer, and is still the only Jayhawk to be a 4 time All American.

Black averaged at least 10 ppg in all four years of his career, with his career high of 16.3 ppg coming as a junior. Black won Big 6 conference titles in his first three seasons, including an undefeated mark in his junior year. Most of the members of that team left to fight in World War II, eschewing what was a probable national title, but killing nazis is more important than winning basketball games.

As you can imagine, rebounding and defensive stats are hard to come by in that era, but Black was nicknamed the hawk due to his defensive prowess, so it sure seems like he was good on that end as well. Black’s Jayhawks went undefeated in conference play in his junior year as well, and lost just two games all season.

Deservedly, KU’s lockerroom is named after Black, and his jersey was retired by the school. Black isn’t terribly well known among casual Kansas fans, but he’s definitely one of the best players in school history, and fought the nazis to boot.