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Notebook: kuwball Survives Against UMKC

Call Mr Plow, thats my name, that name again is Mr Plow

Toledo v Kansas Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Kansas News

A quick glance at Devonte' Graham vs. Frank Mason through 6 games | Tale of the Tait |
If you're looking for a definitive sign about just how talented and impressive this Kansas basketball offense has been during the team's first six games of the season, look no further than the most recent list of the team's top scorers.

'Ugly, ugly, muddy game': Christalah Lyons helps Jayhawks grind past UMKC |
“She’s a great player when she gets in a rhythm,” said Hoyt after KU’s 63-48 win over UMKC. “If we got beat, we didn’t want it to be because of her.”

Kansas basketball benefiting from putting defense first |
“Coach Self kind of reminds us of it,” sophomore guard Malik Newman said with a laugh. “So it's nothing we have to remind ourselves of. It's just going out, playing defense and having fun. Offense will take care of itself.”

Now, she’s seen it all: 101-year-old KCK woman revels in first KU basketball game
The longtime Jayhawks fan from Kansas City, Kan., knew what to expect even though she’d been, well, too occupied to make it to a game here for most of her first 101 years.

KU’s Graham good for 35 points in 30 minutes. He sat the final 8:03 vs. Toledo
“I knew the ball was going through the hoop. I wasn’t sure how many I had. When I came out they told me I had 35,” Graham, KU’s 6-foot-2 senior point guard from Raleigh, N.C., said of unnamed teammates.

Other Sports

Best-, worst-case scenarios: Tiger Woods expectations for this week and beyond -
Tiger Woods is back. How tired are you of those four words? Every December, it seems, we discuss Woods' return to golf following a back surgery or procedure. This time, we convince ourselves, it's going to be different. And yet every time, it's the same. Woods plays for a few months or half a year and then hurts it again, and we start the pattern all over again.

Agent’s Take: NFL’s 15 most underpaid players providing bang for the buck -
Timing matters with veteran contracts. The running-back market is experiencing an unprecedented economic downturn, while the consistent growth in the salary cap has led to salaries escalating at most positions. Highly productive older veterans, except quarterbacks, can have difficulty getting lucrative long-term deals because teams are afraid of a drop off in play as these players age.

Former St. John’s walk-on arrested in connection with Florida serial killings -
Former St. John's walk-on Howell Emanuel Donaldson III was arrested on Tuesday in Tampa on four counts of first-degree murder for his alleged involvement in four October and November murders, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Kristaps Porzingis Helped Off After Ankle Sprain But Should Be Okay, Thank God
The Knicks suffered some bad luck early tonight against the Heat, as Kristaps Porzingis was helped off after going down with what looked like a pretty nasty ankle sprain. Thankfully, x-rays were negative and he should be available to return.

Other News

Meet The 19-Year-Old Who Spent Over $10,000 On Microtransactions
At the height of the controversy surrounding microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront II, a Reddit user who goes by the name Kensgold posted an open letter to publisher EA and other developers in the video game industry. “I am 19 and addicted to gambling,” he wrote. Kensgold wasn’t talking about roulette tables or online poker. He was talking about spending over $10,000 on in-game purchases over the last several years.

Comcast Changed Its Net Neutrality Pledge the Day After the FCC Moved to Kill the Open Web
Net neutrality protections have not yet been repealed, but it seems that ISPs are already taking their sheep costumes off to reveal the wolves beneath. In a move that will make everyone say, “of course they did,” it seems that Comcast deleted its pledge to protect the open internet the day after the FCC announced its plan to kill the open internet this spring.

Everything Draining Your Smartphone's Battery and How to Stop It
Battery life—the arch-nemesis of every smartphone user. You’ve probably already realized that bingeing sessions on Netflix or afternoons on mobile Minecraft aren’t particularly kind to your remaining battery level, but there are more draws on your phone’s juice than you might think. Here’s everything to watch out.

Here Is the Legendary Twitter Employee Behind the Brief Purge of Trump's Account
In the last 24 hours alone, President Donald Trump has used his infamous Twitter account to retweet British fascists’ anti-Islam videos and tag the wrong Theresa May in an angry rant. This is nothing new. The president is one of the site’s worst shitposters—made infinitely worse by the fact that via virtue of his immense personal power, Trump’s very bad tweets translate into almost immediate real-life consequences for everyone but him.