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Notebook: Kansas to Debut Civil War Themed Uniforms Against Baylor

I don’t need your civil war

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Kansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas News

Mike Lee aims to rectify on-field mistakes that cost him starting job |
Safety Mike Lee learned far in advance of this past weekend’s home game against Kansas State that, for the first time in more than a year, he wouldn't be starting.

KU football uniforms to pay homage to Civil War regiment with complicated legacy |
The uniforms take their inspiration from Col. Charles Jennison and his Seventh Regiment Kansas Volunteer Cavalry, aka Jennison’s Jay-Hawkers. The man who led them gained a reputation for his brutal tactics in pursuit of the abolitionist cause, and was apparently not very particular in choosing his victims.

Why former Alabama wideout Daylon Charlot switched to safety at KU | Smithology |
The “Where’s Daylon Charlot?” game — a popular pastime these past several months for those who follow Kansas football — took an interesting turn this past weekend when the former Alabama wide receiver wore a No. 7 KU football uniform against Kansas State, instead of his former No. 2 jersey.

Borrowing walk-on from football team might not be bad idea for Kansas basketball | Lunch Break |
Kansas basketball coach Bill Self said that he left Udoka Azubuike in at the end of the 100-54 exhibition blowout against Pittsburg State for conditioning reasons. Not a bad idea. Azubuike looked winded at the end of his 24-minutes night.

This new KU player got through ‘long year’ on the bench with daily phone calls to dad
Eager to share new experiences and perhaps ease a bout of homesickness, Mississippi native Malik Newman maintained close contact with family members during his redshirt season with the Kansas basketball team.

Bill Self describes Billy Preston as ‘ridiculously talented’
“Have you guys noticed how talented he is?” Self said enthusiastically at Thursday’s Williams Fund-sponsored KU Roundball Luncheon at the Wichita Marriott Hotel. “Have we had anybody 6-10 that can shoot, run, jump and handle? I mean this dude is ridiculously talented.

Other Sports

Hero ball: Damian Lillard hits game winner to send Blazers past Lakers -
Damian Lillard is one of those guys nearly everyone thinks of as clutch. Does he actually have a better chance at making a basket than any other player? No, but that's not what matters. When there's one last shot to be taken everybody knows they want one guy taking the last shot. For the Trail Blazers that's Lillard.

The Colts completely wasted Andrew Luck's prime and hosed their fans in process -
The greatest commodity in all of football, and maybe all of sports, is a franchise quarterback. A franchise in possession of one has a chance to win a Super Bowl. If there were sports crimes, wasting the prime years of a franchise quarterback would be up there as the worst. And if there were sports jail, the Indianapolis Colts would be heading there for life, because they have supremely wasted the prime of Andrew Luck, a generational franchise quarterback who was gifted to them on a platter.

NBA games, Thursday scores, highlights, updates: Warriors hand Spurs fourth straight loss -
On this NBA Thursday there were only two games, both on national TV. Of course, not every night needs to be a League Pass extravaganza. Sometimes it's fun to just sit down, put the TV on, and not move for a few hours.

The dichotomy of humble, flamboyant Oklahoma star quarterback Baker Mayfield -
I-35 runs from the United States-Mexico border all the way up to Duluth, Minnesota, splitting the mainland in half. A large portion of the interstate from Austin to Dallas is a beat-up, construction-clogged, perpetually under-funded wasteland with bad traffic and no view. It is the opposite of the scenic route.

Ranking the top 100 (and one) best college basketball players for 2017-18 -
After comprehensive analysis and radar-like scanning of the entire sport -- including more than 4,500 players -- we've come to near-agreement on the 100 (and one) best basketball players in college for 2017-18. We're eager to share our findings with you, as there are a lot of names, and games, you need to familiarize yourself with.